Spring is here, and women all over the world have traded in their jeans and tights for short skirts. And, fellas, it’s time for you to follow their lead. No, we’re not saying that you should be wearing skirts. You should be wearing shorts, and not just any shorts—the freshest shorts in existence.

The new Chari & Co. NYC x GEAR PDX joints are the perfect shorts for people on the go. They’re slim-fitting and have a ton of features that urban cyclists will find useful:

-Two front pockets
-One vertical zip-up pocket
-Reflective liners on the inner cuffs (roll ‘em up!)
-Three rear pockets, including one specifically designed to hold a u-lock

Made in beautiful Portlandia, these shorts are only available at United Arrows Beauty & Youth in Japan and Chari & Co. NYC. $110.

APRIL 4, 12:36 PM