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Gizmo Collado is a DJ, avid bicyclist, skateboarder, and has seen all the changes that New York City has gone through for the past 40 years.

4 questions we asked our homie Gizmo.

1)how was new york city in 80′ and 90’s?

In the 80’s NYC was picking itself up from the Disco scene Punk Rock/ Hip Hop and MTV came out and a new era took over the NYC area. Graffiti and B-Boy-ism spoke to the world. I started skateboarding and used these new elements to express myself.  Danger and excitement loomed on every city block. In the 90’s things started to change but only a little.  Mayor Giuliani was putting a tight grip on NYC with his quality of life progress. Leaving the Native New Yorker to think twice about his or hers actions before committing a crime.


2)what do you think of new york city now?

I started to become angry just with everyone else about NYC. Change is different for an individual … but indeed necessary. Is started moving from apartment to apartment constantly. Only because all the new transplants coming in made it hard to live on a good budget. Now that things are starting to get a little better, I have taken a new outlook. On things. I will always love this city… It’s never sleeps and its always watching…. You!!!


3)what is skateboarding to you?

Skating to me is a form of individual expression and freedom to do what you want only. It is a form of survival. It’s like a fish. If it doesn’t have water, it cannot live. This is exactly how I feel. If I didn’t have a skateboard under my feet, I don’t know what I would do. I need it to relax, get angry, but most of all I need it to be…. Happy!


4)what was washington heights like?

Washington Heights is a very hilly place. The tiptop of Manhattan and everything has hills. The rush you would get from skating those hills was such an adventure such. Knowing you made it safely to the bottom and then having to deal with drug dealers on your block after a good skate session made it worth the while. Again I am a survivor!!!






JUNE 2, 1:48 PM