CHARI & CO – Smart Glove

Okay, so a lot of companies have started making gloves using fabric
that is supposedly compatible with touchscreens. But let’s be real
here–nothing works better than your bare fingertips. That’s where our
Smart Gloves come in. They’re burly enough to keep your hands warm
through fall and most of winter, but they offer unmatched flexibility.
Flip back the index finger and thumb of the gloves, and, suddenly,
taking camera pics, texting, and unlocking U-locks is a breeze. No
more fumbling around with your stuff.  We worked with the premier
snowboard glove company in Japan to create our Smart Gloves, so you
know their quality is top-notch.

Last year, our gloves sold out in record time (800 pairs!). So don’t
hesitate to pick some up today. Available in four designs and three
sizes (M, L, XL).

OCTOBER 27, 7:30 AM