- CHARI & OUTLIER horizontal striped shirt -

While the rest of the world was making cycling clothing that resembled neon-colored garbage bags, the Outlier crew stepped up and changed the game. We knew from the moment we first touched a pair of OG pants that we wanted to work with the visionaries who cooked them up—and we’ve finally gotten the opportunity to do so. We’re proud to present the Chari & Outlier Chalk Stripe Overshirt.

When Tyler and Abe over at Outlier handed us a sample of the wool they wanted to use to make the shirt, it pretty much blew our minds. It was soft—shockingly soft—and we couldn’t help but wonder if we could buy sheets made out of the material. We’re willing to bet that you’re going to have similar thoughts when you first slip the finished product on.

The Chalk Stripe Overshirt is based on the design of Outlier’s revolutionary pivot sleeve shirt, so it won’t restrict your movement when you’re riding your bike or punching somebody in the face. It’s warm and comfortable and can be worn as a fall overshirt or a winter mid-layer. And, of course, like all of Outlier’s gear, it looks damn good. Very, very few of these shirts were made, so you better pick one up today!