The, “EXTENSION” jacket, is an ultra lightweight, down shell, designed with multiple purposes. Equipped with two parallel zipper attachments. Fastening the outer zipper allows for a more relaxed fit, and allows you to wear more than one layer beneath the shell. Fastening the inner zipper turns it into a more fit liner, that can be worn under a heavier jacket, during he winter.



– There is also a very subtle cutout in the collar of the jacket. This design was with the urban cyclist in mind, allowing the rider to look up without the collar scrunching up, or cutting into your neck. This thing is really easy to wear. expand-jkt-3 expand-jkt-5 expand-jkt-6 expand-jkt-7 expand-jkt-9 expand-jkt-10 expand-jkt-11

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DECEMBER 20, 5:10 PM